1. fun piece on my coworker today
  2. mild changes to Ed Hardy piece
  3. sparksolomon said: Thanks a lot. Awesome work by the way.

    haha! no prob man. I’m obsessed with tattoos, especially when they are on hot women ;) and thank you! I’m working hard at the craft

  4. I can’t decide if it’s her chest tattoo or just her, but I am nuts for this girl ;)
  5. hghkjgfkgk-deactivated20110909 said: thank you for the follow.c:
    i hope you don't mind if i ask you a few questions, how long have you been a tattoo artist?
    how'd you start tattooing?
    did you go through a apprenticeship?
    i on the road of becoming a a tattoo artist and i love to hear how other artist became what they are today.

    I’ve been out of my apprenticeship for about 7 months. It was way b.s. I cleaned the shop and taught myself.

    I started when a friend had a machine and disposable stuff. I’ve been drawing and painting all my life so he wanted me to try one on him. I’ve been hooked since. I eat breathe and live tattoos.

    You can check out my portfolio on facebook under John Hansen or myspace.com/altkulture. and feel free to ask any ANY questions :)